Senin, 04 Februari 2013

What a Life =)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's be a very long time i didnt catch up with this blog, it's about over a year ago from the last time i opened this blog, then now it is time  to remake this blog into a new one, quoting the barack obama words "it's time to change! yes i can!" haha :D

now i has a very beautiful new life, a very great family, work, and my very adorable man.

my current work now is being an instructor for sharia business where i have to do a travel work to several city such as lampung, palembang, surabaya, and sentul. so it means that i'll meet about a hundred different people every single week! what a job :D in my childhood i had a dream that in the future i wanna have a job that allow me to different places in a short term travel and meet a lot of new people so then i'll have so many new friends out there,, now, that dream is come true,alhamdulilah

what is the next dream? i want to build my own business, now i have a pancake durian business, it prices Rp.12.000/piece but dont worry there's a special price for you who wants to be a reseller,call me at 08998609037 ;)
the other of my dream is being an independent financial planner, i dont know why i have an interest in finace, but since i love money, i do have to able to manage it well.
the other dream is gettin' married with my lovely bala-bala man haha, insyaallah there will the way and time for me and him to have that Day! the day will come soon, amiiin

THX GOD for this beautiful life :D

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