Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

Pancake Durian is In The House Yooooo :D

hello everyone

today post is about pancake durian, Yeaayayyyyyyyy!!!!!! i love durian so much!

Durian is one of the most popular fruit in asia, it comes to many variety of it, like durian montong which origin from thailand, Durian medan, Durian lampung, Durian palembang which are from indonesia.

For Asian people the taste of Durian is like a heaven, some people called it as king of fruit. on the other hand, for western people some of them dont like Durian because of the smell, they think that the smell of it like a "foot", but believe me though it smells like a foot, the taste really like a heaven :D

Furthermore, in indonesia which country that i live in, Durian utilized to variety of foods, such as, lempok durian, martabak durian, and pancake durian.

this are the picture if you are curious about the appearance of pancake Durian

here are the boys! this is the green one

up: yellow pancake. Down: green pancake
   if you guys are questioning, does the taste different between the yellow pancake and the green pancake? no, it is not! , it just the matter of the color the taste are just the same full of durian! yeayy :D
my pancake of durian is made origin from Medan, Indonesia. So, called it as pancake durian medan

if you are interest about the taste you can buy it on me, with only Rp.12.000/piece u can grab a piece of heaven :D dont worry there is a special price for Reseller

for further info call me on 08998609037 or invite my blackberry pin on 29F81AA3

Bon Appetite!

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  1. Wuuuiiihhhh,,,,boleh ni. Dmn bisa dapet pancake nya....????